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Manufacturer: Shutterstock

Architecture and Design
Slide format: JPEG Number of slides: 108 Dimensions of slides: 4800 × 3600 px Resolution of slides: 300 dpi Color space: RGB
Folders: Abstract Architecture, Bathroom Interior, Boutique, Chair, City Lights, Classic Luxury Bedroom, Corporate Office, Downtown Vancouver Night,
Empty Frames in a Room Against, Golden Buddha, House Designing, Kuba, Luxury Home Theater, New York City, Night Moscow, Office Desk,
Old Frames, Old Grunge Interior, Pool, St. Petersburg, Vintage
Food and drink
Slide format: JPEG Number of slides: 284 Dimensions of slides: 3528 × 4408 px Resolution of slides: 300 dpi Color space: RGB
Folders: Apple, Arabian Coffee, A set of variety sushi put together, Bakery, Basket, Beer, Black Olives, Brandy, Bread Templates, Breakfast in Hotel Room,
Catering Buffet Food, Cheese, Chocolate Truffles, Cocktail, Coffee, Collage of Food, Collage of Ingredients, Diet, Different Kind of Oil, Doner,
Fresh Fruits, Fresh Peach and Nectarines, Fresh Tomato, Fruit Borders, Grapes, Green Apples, Green Beer, Honey, Hot Chili Pepper with Smoke,
Martini, Orange, Pancakes, Pistachios, Pizza, Pumpkin, Red Caviar, Shuttetstock Caviar, Sliced Smoked Salmon and Meat,
Some Cheese and Fresh Fruits, Spices, Tea Traditions, Various Nuts, Various spices, Wedding Cake, Whiskey, Wine,
Wine Bottle, Winemaking, Wine with Cheese, Wine with Grapes
Slide format: JPEG Number of slides: 39 slides Dimensions: 1818 × 2370 px Resolution of slides: 300 dpi Color space: RGB
Folders: Animals, Chameleon, Christmas Cats, Goldfish, Penguin, Tropical Fish Collection, White Horse
Slide format: JPEG Number of slides: 1376 Dimensions of slides: 3744 × 5616 px Resolution of slides: 300 dpi Color space: RGB
Folders: Alice, Architects, Athlete, Attractive Businesswoman, Autumn Girls, Autumn Kids, Baby in Crib, Ball Dances,
Beautiful Arabic Dancer, Beautiful Ballerina, Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Girl with an Aroma, Beautiful Portraits of Women, Beautiful Women,
Beautiful Young Bride, Beauty brunette, Between Angel and Devil, Blonde Woman, Blond Model with Headphones, Blond with a Poster, Bodybuilding,
Botex, Boxing woman, Brides, Bride Sexy Underclothing, Bride Striptease, Builders, Builders Group, Bunny Girls, Businessman, Butler, Cars and Girls,
Cheerful Day, Child Chef, Children, Children - Watermelon Eating, Childrens Love, Christmas Girl, Circus, Cleaners, Clown, Cold,
Collage of Wedding Photos, Collection Curly Hair Women, Collection of Business People, Conference, Construction and Builders, Cook, Crowd,
Dancer, Dental, Different Bride, DJ, Doctors, Dream House, Easter Vanity, Education, Expectant Mother, Factory Welder, Family, Family Christmas,
Family on the Field, Fashion Girl, Female Bottom, Female Breasts, Female Military, Feminine Face, Lips & Eyes, Fire, Fitness, Flamenco Dancer,
Football, Game, Geisha, Ghost, Girl & Book, Girl & Jeans, Girl and Cello, Girl and Lollipop, Girl Drawing, Girl Friends, Girl Hair, Girl in Black, Girl in Office,
Girl Mechanic, Girl opening door, Girls and Cars, Girls and Panties, Girls and Spray, Girls in Bathroom, Girls in Latex, Girls in Lingerie, Girls in the Spray,
Girl with Billboards, Girl with Book, Girl with Gun, Girl with Ice Cream, Girl with Vegetable and Fruit, Girl with Wheels, Group of Girls,
Group of Santa Clauses, Group People, Grunge Urban People, Guitar people, Hair, Hairdressing Salon, Happy Friends, Happy Girls, Happy Valentine,
Hip-Hop, Horror, Housewife, Housewives, Intimate Couples, Kids, Laptop and Friends, Lingerie & Panty, Lips, Love, Make-up, Milk, Nails,
People with Sign, Playing children, Pregnancy, Puzzles, Quarrel, Santa Girl, School, School Children, Sea, Sexy Bride, Sexy Captain, Sexy Nurses,
Sexy Santas, Sexy Women, Shane Hair, Shopping, Shopping Girl, Silvergraduation day, Sleeping, Soccer Fan, Spa Theme, Sport, Strange People,
Students, Study, Stylish Girls, Teens, Teens with Laptop, The Car Mechanician Behind Work, Traditional Craftsman Carving, Trio of girls, Two Girls,
Two Young and Beautiful Girls, University Medical Students, Urban People, Vintage Girls, Warriors, Wedding Hair, Weight Loss, Wet, Winter Girl,
With Apple, Woman Call, Woman in Rose Petals, Woman on the Beach, Woman with an Aromatic Coffee, Women & Women, Women in Bathroom,
Women Sunglasses, Women with Advertising, Workers, Young Amorous Couple, Young Couple Moving House, Young Couples, Youth T-shirts
Slide format: JPEG Number of slides: 139 Dimensions of slides: 5160 × 5160 px Resolution of slides: 300 dpi Color space: RGB
Folders: Autumn Leaves, Beach with Rocks, Beautiful Sunset, Caribbean Sea, Flowers, Gerber, Ladybug Life, Nature, Roads, Sea Inhabitants,
Shell on Sand, Spring Flowers, Sunset Beach, Vineyard
Slide format: JPEG Number of slides: 345 Dimensions of slides: 2568 × 2014 px Resolution of slides: 300 dpi Color space: RGB
Folders: Addiction, Alien, Antique Feather and Inkwell, Back to School, Bag & Shoes, Birthday, Birthday Party Balloons, Books, Burning Rock Guitar,
Business Report, Christ, Christmas Card, Christmas Gift Box, Christmas Glass Globe, Christmas Wreath, Cigars, Cinema, Collection of Shoes,
Confusion in Room, Currency Signs, Curtain and Gold Frames, Decorative Cosmetics, Diamonds, Dragon, Dream Land, Dump, Earth, Eco Sing,
Euro Coins, Fire, Fire and Water, Fork and Knife on White Plates, Fuel Nozzle, Garbage tank, Gift Boxes, Gift Rabbit, Gold, Happy New Year, Mannequin,
Medicine, Old Maps, Red Splashe, Set of Different Objects, Set of Tools, Shopping Bag, Silver Casket with Jewelry, Spa Candle, Spa Collage, Sport Shoes,
Stamp, Stylish Posters, Tubes and Flasks, Valentine's Day, Water Splash, Wedding Still Life, Women in Black, Woodworker Desktop, zvezda
Sports and Recreation
Slide format: JPEG Number of slides: 90 slides Dimensions: 8576 × 5696 px Resolution of slides: 300 dpi Color space: RGB
Folders: Aromatherapy, Billiards, Bronzepeople group doing fitness exercises, Carnival, Casino, Cheerleaders, Chess, Concert,
Exercises and Meditation, Fish, Fishing Equipment, Green Life, Pilates Class, Suitcase for Travel, Surfers
Textures and backgrounds
Slide format: JPEG Number of slides: 93 slides Dimensions: 3600 × 2025 px Resolution of slides: 300 dpi Color space: RGB
Folders: Abstract Communication, Asian Warm Silk, Autumn, Autumn Background, Autumn Banners, Bamboo, Color Paint, Colour Smoke,
Curtains, Gold Frame, Grunge Concrete Room, Grunge Denim, Metal, Silver Aluminium Wave Shape, Smoke Backgrounds,
Smooth Elegant Orange-Brown, Stage, Stone Texture
Equipment and Technologies
Slide format: JPEG Number of slides: 124 Dimensions of slides: 6528 × 4896 px Resolution of slides: 300 dpi Color space: RGB
Folders: Blood Transfusion, Building Tools, Car Engine, Cargo Auto, Car Spare Parts, CD with Drops, Contact Lens, Credit Card, Dental Tools,
Fire Car, GPS, In Laboratories, Keyboard, Machine Gun Kalashnikov, Old Gears, Tablets, Telephone, The Ancient Ship, Washing, Weapon, Wind
Turbines, Yachts


Download File Size:19.3 GB

Shutterstock Photos Vol.2
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