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MATLAB Applications for the Practical Engineer ed. by Kelly Bennett PDF eBook €1 buy download

"MATLAB Applications for the Practical Engineer" ed. by Kelly Bennett
InTAvE | 2014 | ISBN: 53511719X 9789535117193 | 655 pages | PDF | 70 MB

This volume presents a novel application and use of MATLAB for a specific result.

MATLAB isnt everything to a practicing engineer, its just most everything.
MATLAB is an indispensable asset for scientists, researchers, and engineers.
The richness of the MATLAB computational environment combined with an integrated development environment (IDE) and straightforward interface, toolkits, and simulation and modeling capabilities, creates a research and development tool that has no equal.
From quick code prototyping to full blown deployable applications, MATLAB stands as a de facto development language and environment serving the technical needs of a wide range of users.

1 Knowledge Discovery and Information Extraction on the Open Internet Using MATLAB and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
2 A MATLAB-based Microscope
3 Obstacle Avoidance Task for a Wheeled Mobile Robot – A Matlab-Simulink-Based Didactic Application
4 Dual Heuristic Neural Programming Controller for Synchronous Generator
5 Design of Fractionation Columns
6 Remotely Train Control with the Aid of PIC32 Microcontroller
7 Integration of MATLAB and ANSYS for Advanced Analysis of Vehicle Structures
8 Modelling and Analysis of Higher Phase Order (HPO) Squirrel Cage Induction Machine
9 Atmospheric Propagation Model for Satellite Communications
10 Stateflow® Aided Modelling and Simulation of Friction in a Planar Piezoelectric Actuator
11 Modelling and Simulation Based Matlab/Simulink of a Strap- Down Inertial Navigation System’ Errors due to the Inertial Sensors
12 Tool of the Complete Optimal Control for Variable Speed Electrical Drives
13 Modeling of Control Systems
14 Advanced Decimator Modeling with a HDL Conversion in Mind
15 Code Generation From MATLAB – Simulink Models
16 DC/DC Boost-Boost power converter as a didactic system: Experimental results with Matlab/Simulink via current and voltage probes
17 Using Matlab and Simulink for High – Level Modeling in Biosystems
18 Eigenvalue Analysis in Mode Domain Considering a Three- Phase System with two Ground Wires
19 Analysis of Balancing of Unbalanced Rotors and Long Shafts using GUI MATLAB
20 Analysis of Robotic System Motion in SimMechanics and MATLAB GUI Environment
21 Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite Variable Thickness Plate Using Finite Strip Transition Matrix Technique and MATLAB Verifications
22 Image Processing with MATLAB and GPU
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Download File Size:57.89 MB

MATLAB Applications for the Practical Engineer ed. by Kelly Bennett PDF eBook
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