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Live Interior 3D Pro 2.9.0 Multilingual for Mac €18 buy download

Live Interior 3D is an interior design software for Mac, that features advanced editing capabilities, while remaining intuitive in use. Draw CAD-like 2D plans using flexible drawing tools, flawlessly add and position furniture objects in 3D mode, adjust light parameters for every light source on the fly. Whether you are redesigning your home and making important decisions about materials and furniture or a professional designer looking to prepare a presentation for clients, Live Interior 3D has all you need. The Pro Edition of Live Interior 3D takes the home design experience to an advanced level by offering an advanced tool kit that empowers you to take maximum control over your 3D home design project without complicated twists and turns.

2D Floor Plans

Map out your home or office on a CAD-like 2D floor plan. Smoothly sketch walls, ceilings, and other floor plan elements using the versatile drawing tools.

Place dimension marks, custom annotations, and more right on the area of your 2D floor plan.

The new alternative 2D view displays furniture as if you were looking at the 3D objects from above as opposed to a plain CAD-like layout. So you can view your floor plan anyway you like.

Real-Time Editing in 3D
Take a virtual walkthrough of your living space to get a glimpse of the interior from any point of view and make any adjustments right in the 3D mode. The changes are made in real-time!

You can edit any aspect of your future home in the realistic 3D environment. Adding furniture and changing the wallpaper is as simple as a quick drag and drop.

In Live Interior 3D, you manage the lighting of your project. You have complete control over the color and luminosity of any light source. Set the daytime to see how the external light influences interior shadows.

Select the solid or smooth shadow rendering mode to get a sharp view of your home.

Content Diversity and Import Capabilities
The 1,200+ 3D objects and 1,500+ materials supplied with Live Interior 3D provide all you need to experiment with your interior.

Import your own furniture and appliances in either Google SketchUp™, COLLADA™, or 3DS format.

Compose your own object and material libraries in Live Interior 3D by creating custom categories and filling them with the objects and materials of your choice.

Integration with Google 3D Warehouse™ provides access to an online database of name brand furniture and other 3D objects created in Google SketchUp™ that can be downloaded and imported directly to your interior design project. You might also want to check out the list of 3D objects and textures web resources that we have prepared for you.

Export to Google SketchUp™
Apart from the import capabilities, Live Interior 3D allows you to export your entire project or selected objects to the Google SketchUp format. Effectively share your project with others via Google 3D Warehouse™.

Extensive Building Tools
Live Interior 3D assists in creating your home from head to toe! The Roof Assistant quickly gets you started roofing your future home. Choose one of 12 roof templates and effortlessly customize the angle, thickness, and soffit to meet your expectations. Add custom segments to sculpt a more intricate roof structure. Find the roofing material you desire among the 200+ supplied roofing textures.

Take advantage of loft walls and a collection of 16 customizable dormers to turn your attic into more than a dusty storage area.

Diversify your home or office with multi-level floors and ceilings. Create the high-ceilinged foyer you have always hoped for, or a stage for the jazz club you are designing.

Have you always dreamt of having a wine cellar? Include a basement and set the foundation thickness for the preliminary building plans.

The Pro Edition of Live Interior 3D contains every single feature of the Standard Edition plus various other advanced tools:

Multiple Stories
Create a house with as many stories as you wish. Place staircases between each one and set the ceiling height and slab thickness to get the results you need.
Light Source Manager
Affix light sources to any 3D objects and adjust the color, attenuation, glow, and direction of the light. This is great for imported light fixtures, furniture with built-in lamps, illuminating aquariums, and more.
Wall Designer
Draw custom niches and openings in walls to add some structural diversity to your home. Use this feature to create a wet bar or inset bookshelf.
Advanced Material Editor
Alter any supplied material or create your own from an image or photo using advanced options to get the right floor, wall, or furniture surface you need. You can also add a realistic reflection to any material and control its level.
Google SketchUp™ Editing
Edit any 3D object directly from the program using Google SketchUp™ (Free or Pro version of SketchUp™ needs to be installed).
Export to RenderMan® Compliant RIB Format
RenderMan® is a 3D rendering technology developed by Pixar and delivers photo quality 3D images and video. Live Interior 3D Pro allows you to export views of your interior into the RenderMan®–compliant RIB format which can be rendered using 3Delight Studio Pro.

Getting Results with Live Interior 3D Pro
Create camera paths to shoot high definition QuickTime videos of the home you have designed and send them to friends or clients.

Support of QuickTime VR technology allows you to create amazing panoramic views of the interior (up to 1024 x 768 pixels). Or you can make high quality screenshots and set custom resolution value (up to 3360 x 2400 pixels).

Live Interior 3D supports export to COLLADA™ format which is compatible with most professional 3D renderers, including Maya, 3dsMax, Strata, Shade, Cinema4D, and many others. In addition, native support for COLLADA™ in Apple Preview offers a very convenient viewing experience by letting you jump from camera to camera at a click of the mouse, as well as zoom and pan around your project.

For those needing photorealistic images, the new Render Boost plugin is exactly what they are looking for. A great addition for both professionals and home improvement buffs.

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

Download File Size:429.3 MB

Live Interior 3D Pro 2.9.0 Multilingual for Mac
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